The Kedar Group (TKG) brings a dynamic, integrative and reflective approach to executives, leaders and teams who are committed to making a difference and achieving results. We coach, facilitate and guide clients in the areas of leadership development and presence, promoting emotional agility, engagement and collaboration.

We see all organizations as the sum of conversations and the web of relationships conversations create between teams. Effective leadership is the art of cultivating and leveraging those relationships to produce robust, high-capacity teams that achieve superior results, and that’s where we come in. We work with leaders to explore the integration of relationships, resources and possibilities to accomplish lasting results through organizational transformation.

TKG introduces executives, both young and seasoned, to communicative distinctions that help them create clarity in the way they envision the future and manage their teams to deliver the best product possible.

How we work

We employ tools and strategies of communicative, collaborative and global leadership intelligence — strengthening organizational relationships, enhancing team effectiveness and producing politically savvy global leaders.

We work closely with individuals and organizations to discover their leadership development opportunities by conduct qualitative individual and organizational assessments to determine:

  • Where our clients are now
  • Where they want to go 
  • What might enhance their movement forward or deter them from getting there?

We collaborate with our clients to design hands-on experiential approaches, strategies, and programs to enhance the ways they lead, work and achieve results.

Together we decide if the best approach will include:

  • Individual executive coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Dialogue sessions
  • Action learning sessions
  • Strategic planning retreats
  • Leadership development workshops 
  • Trainings