The Healing Power of Listening

When we listen to one another without anticipation, expectation, or self-interest, it becomes possible to know one another in entirely new ways. All the “isms” of human history are monuments to the difficulty in doing this. Yet, there is really nothing standing between us.

Every once in a while something different and deeper touches us.  There is eye contact. We stop listening for some thing to happen.

The other is there in front of us and direct connection bridges the conventions of looking and listening that separate us. In an instant, we are no longer strangers.  Many people reported experiencing this, or something like this, in the hours and days after 9/11.  The shock of what had happened suspended the illusion of separation. The whole world had experienced something together and in that experience had realized their essential common humanity.   Total strangers looked at each other and spoke with each other everywhere.

Listening directly into the present is essentially a healing activity because it restores wholeness to our experience.

AND it allows us all to be as we are.